Hire Us To Plant Trees

  • Do you have an acre or more you want to turn into a food forest?
  • Looking for guaranteed food security in an uncertain world?
  • Want to have crops that will produce every year without hardly any inputs?
  • Did you know that a single Chestnut tree can easily produce $10,000 worth of nuts over a 50 year period?
  • The Chestnut is called the bread tree because the nuts can be ground into  a wonderful tasting gluten free flour that you can bake with
  • Hazelnuts produce lots of protein, store well and can make very tasty cooking oil when pressed

Let us come to your property and plant trees for you. We can plant chestnuts and hazelnuts on your property and will work with you every step of the way. From the initial consultation and soil testing all the way through to when you start collecting nuts. There are lots of options to chose from, and lots of stuff we learned the hard way by trial and error.

You can plant anything from 50-200 trees per acre for Chestnuts. With Hazelnuts you can plant 200-400 trees an acre without a problem.

You can chose to have us plant from seed or as seedlings (we highly recommend using seeds).

6′ tree tubes allow you to plant chestnuts without using a deer fence

Material costs for trees:

Expect the material cost for seeds to be about $10 a seed which gets you 2 seeds in a hole with a delicious blend of willow mulch and cow manure with close to 100% germination rate, 3 cubic feet of mulch, one large transfer scoop of composted cow manure and a tree tube and stake.

If you want to plant seedlings then the material cost per tree is about $20 per hole. That give you one seedling (with a ~90% chance of survival) a 6′ tree tube and a white oak stake, 2-3 cubic feet of mulch, and one large transfer scoop of composted cow manure.

The more trees you plant, the cheaper the material costs get.

The chestnut tree can live to be thousands of years old and produces nuts reliably every year

Labor costs for trees:

If site access is good and we can get a pickup truck in there and drive around then it will  be about $10-$15 a tree if planted from seed and about $15-$20 a tree for seedlings which is a rough estimate based on 100 trees. There is a 100 tree minimum for planting services.

This number could be higher or lower based on the number of trees that you plant and site access and prep work that might need to be done. Our hourly rate is $60/hr for the principal and $100/hr for 2 workers, a truck and 20′ trailer that can haul 7000lbs. Almost 80% of the time is spent shoveling wood chips and manure, it takes very little time to actually plant the trees.

We have planted thousands of trees for the last several years and we know how to get Chestnuts and Hazelnuts to grow, so hire us and increase the value of your property dramatically and give yourself food security for years to come.

Email us at info@chestnutparadise.com for more information.