Host your Tiny House

Are you worried about the coming climate catastrophes? Do you want to live in a community of like minded people who want to focus on creating a sustainable future by example? Tiny Chestnut Paradise is a sacred space that you could call home if you’re willing to live in a tiny house than can be pulled by a full size pickup truck. Currently NY state allows tiny houses as long as they are registered and have temporary water and septic hookups. Your site at Tiny Chestnut Paradise gets the following services for $525/mth

  • Full septic hookups
  • Freshwater hookups
  • 60 Amp 240v electrical service powered from solar panels (your electric is billed at 13.3 cents/KwH)
  • 100Mb Fiber Internet service with ethernet hookup
  • Trash pickup
  • Recycling pickup
  • Electric car charging can be made available
  • Communal garden space, or you can start your own garden
  • Dogs require pre-approval (property insurance issues) cats OK

These sites are located on a nut farm with over 5000 trees that produce food (3,500 Chestnut & 1,500 Hazelnuts). There are also over 800 Black currents plants with the idea that this 42 acre farm can sustainably produce the full annual caloric requirements for 500 adults. Everything on the farm is done by hand, we don’t own a tractor of any kind. Our road is not heavily trafficked by cars and is about 1 mile from Shindagin Hollow State Forest (5,318 acres).  12 month lease minimum required after that it becomes a recurring month to month lease that you can end at any time (with 30 days notice). If you are interested in viewing the land please email At our farm we don’t put anything on our plants that we would not directly consume (Beyond Organic).

We are building a paradise, come be a part of it.

Tiny Chestnut Paradise is located 17 miles South of Ithaca, NY.

Spectacular views abound at Tiny Chestnut Paradise