Shrub Willow Just Might Save Us, If We Start Planting Now

People are always putting off the idea of fixing climate change with the idea that some genius somewhere is going to invent some sort of Dr. Suess like machine that is going to magically take all of the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses out of the air and make big cubes out of it that we can then bury in the ground somewhere. There are many serious problems with this idea:

  1. We will never be able to develop this technology in time to make any kind of difference with climate change. The ‘final hour’ is upon us right now.
  2. Carbon Dioxide represents a mere 0.0391 percent of the air we normally use. In order to get any real amount of CO2 out of the air, our machine has to sort through an incredible amount of air to get to a relatively small percentage of CO2.
  3. These machines will need to use massive amounts of energy to function. Where is that energy going to come from?

Shrub willows can easily grow about 8′ a year

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