Investing in Solar Power vs the Stock Market

So I pulled the plug on solar and the contract has been signed. The numbers for solar are getting even more insane as Keith has found even more available Nyserda grant money. How I love Keith.

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 7.32.51 AM

So you can see that I’m getting a $26,891 solar installation for essentially $9,390 out of pocket. This article about how investing in solar compares with investing in the stock market and why I think that solar makes more sense for pretty much everyone.

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The Madness That Is … Not Going Solar

I’ve been procrastinating about going solar for a long time, probably too long. I’ve been waiting for panels to get as cheap as possible while the incentives are the best they can be. With Trump’s tariffs on solar panels I didn’t think that now would be a good time to go solar, but once I ran the numbers I found out I was wrong. Today I signed my soul away to Renovous so I could go solar.


So here’s a bad image showing you how awesome my solar installation will hopefully be. Essentially I’m getting a $24,811 installation for $8,956 out of pocket. That includes 8.28Kw of solar panels and a 7Kw inverter. To give you a comparison my wife has an off-grid system with a whopping 1.5Kw of panels and she is into it for almost $10,000 and it was installed for free by a close friend of hers. Of that $10,000 about $3000 is batteries and she is already on her third set (spoiler alert, get Trojans, everything else sucks ass).

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